Nestled among the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, Crooked Creek Lake is an ideal setting for year-round outdoor activities.  Located only 30 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers invites you to discover the scenic beauty of the lake and surrounding countryside. 

Visitors will also find they can pursue a variety of outdoor activities at the lake with its numerous, well-maintained facilities available for enjoyment.  For those who enjoy the outdoors, a visit to Crooked

Creek Lake can be a rewarding experience.  The lake and its miles of scenic shoreline provide unlimited opportunities for water-based recreation. A boat launch with ample trailer parking is available for boating and water-skiing. Swimmers and sunbathers will especially appreciate the lake’s sandy, peninsula beach. 

The great variety and abundance of fish found in the lake has lured many fishermen to its waters.  Crooked Creek Lake has yielded many fine catches of bass, muskie, sunfish, and crappie.

Picnicking is also available at Crooked Creek Lake.

There are several picnic areas maintained by the Corps that provide tables and charcoal grills. The six picnic shelters are centrally located and have picnic tables and grills.

A facility that is growing in popularity is the Crooked Creek Environmental Learning Center. This facility is utilized by groups interested in the environment as well as other agencies and the Corps of Engineers for meetings and training programs. This facility is operated by the Armstrong Educational Trust. 

For the hunter, an abundance of wildlife can be found in the surrounding countryside.  Hunting is permitted on lake lands except for developed recreation areas and posted areas.

The long-distance hiker will enjoy the 141-mile Baker Trail which crosses Crooked Creek Lake on its course through western Pennsylvania. There are shorter hiking trails available also.

Campers will discover that Crooked Creek Lake’s campground offers a change of pace from the everyday routine of urban life. Tent and trailer campsites are provided, as well as a group camping area.

Crooked Creek Lake is a haven for cold weather recreationalists. The park boasts two ice skating ponds, a sled riding area, and cross-country skiing. There are also many areas in which to take a winter walk and enjoy the scenery and solitude only available during this time of year.

Crooked Creek Horse Park

The Crooked Creek Horse Park was developed in the area leased as Manor Township Recreation Area. It is maintained by The Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association, Inc. They have many special events appealing to a variety of interests. To learn more about the recreational opportunities and how to contact them visit


Enjoy a safe outing.  Observe these safety tips!

Water Hazards

Boat with caution! Be especially aware of the existence of underwater obstructions. In addition, floating debris may be at or near the lake surface as a result of fluctuating lake levels. Boaters and skiers should be watchful for these hazards; because of these floating and underwater hazards, diving is discouraged.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

When boating, the best protection against drowning is to wear your PFD. U.S. Coast Guard approved PFDs are required, by regulation, if you are less than 13 years of age, a non-swimmer, are on a boat less than 16 feet in length or are in a canoe, kayak or paddleboard.  Know the rules before you go out on the water.

Fire Protection

The fire potential is generally high during the recreation season. Help prevent forest fires by obeying the No Open Fire regulation in effect.


Be considerate of those in canoes or fishing at anchor. There are several shallow areas upstream of the boat launch. Please use caution.

Alcohol and Boating Don’t Mix

Don’t drink while operating a boat. Alcohol is involved in at least 50 percent of all drownings and a major cause of death in recreational boating accidents.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all Corps of Engineers lake lands and waters!

Be alert to changing weather/ lake conditions

Storms can come on very quickly. If lightning is spotted, head for shore immediately and seek out a safe location.


Use a wading stick to check for sudden drop-offs in the water and for extra balance.

Federal rules and regulations concerning the use of this lake are set forth in Title 36, Chapter III, of the Code of Federal Regulations and are on display in public areas of this lake.

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